Brookton Station

Brookton Station then
Brookton Station Now

A station stood at this site from 1875, when the first trestle over the creek was built, until 1936, when the line was abandoned. From here passengers could take a train across the creek and east to Ithaca, or further on to Dryden and Cortland. Or they could take the train in the opposite direction to Elmira. Caroline Junction (Pugsley's) was just south of the station, where these tracks crossed the tracks of the Lackawana Railroad, which followed the south side of the creek's valley to South Hill, and, via switchback down to the area of Buttermilk Falls and the flats of the city.

This video, provided by Lois Lounsbery, was shot by Helen Lounsbery Albertson.

The first sequence shows a freight train coming from the south, up the White Church valley, stopping at Brookton Station, and then continuing over the trestle. The second sequence shows a passenger train coming from the north, crossing the trestle as it comes into the station.

Jim Albertson reports that his mother told him that the second train was the last train to cross the trestle2. Hazel Brill Brampton was on that train. “She grew up in Slaterville. Her father was an avid railroad buff and arranged to take her, age 10, and her brother, age 7, on that last trip. She's quite sure they rode up front in the engine. She was wearing her favorite light blue coat and by the time the ride ended it was black.”1

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