The Slaterville House

Slaterville House then
Slaterville House Now

The discovery of Slaterville's magnetic springs “took place about 1871, when a well was sunk by Dr. William GALLAGHER. The waters of these springs contain a large percentage of mineral constituents, and have proved efficacious in the cure of many diseases. The Slaterville House was a hotel built many years ago.… When the springs began to be developed, and the reputation of the waters became known, W. J. CARNS took this house [in 1872], renamed it the Magnetic Springs House, enlarged and improved it, beautified the grounds, drilled for a supply of the water, and opened it to the public.”1

The building burned down on December 22, 1911. It had been expanded with the addition of a ballroom, and had 40–45 rooms.2

Mr Carns also owned the Fountain House before selling it to Henry Lyme around 19073

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