The Sprague House

The Sprague House then
The Sprague House Now
c. 1878

“The area between West Clinton Street and North Titus Avenue, was originally too swampy for building construction.”1

“The Sprague House was built by Charles Titus, the developer who first channeled Six Mile Creek, which is just across the street. Culverting Six Mile allowed for the development of the neighborhood south of Clinton Street, beginning with the Sprague. Titus quickly sold the house to his sister-in-law, Louisa Sprague, and her husband Joseph. Joseph, despite only living in Ithaca for seven years, was one of the town's most influential citizens, serving first as village trustee, then village president. The Spragues owned a substaintial tract of land around the house, which was landscaped and opened to the public. Interestingly, when livestock soon ruined the landscaping, Sprague passed the first ordinance forbidding the free roaming of grazing animals in the city.”2

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