Pipe from 30 Ft. Dam

Second Dam pipe Then
Second Dam pipe Now

This 24″ pipe, laid in 1902, brought water from the 30 Ft. Dam to the Van Nattas Pumping Station.1 It is no longer in use.

These pictures (both then and now) were taken at a spot between the Van Nattas Dam and the 30 Ft. Dam. The Mulholland Wildflower Preserve has an entrance and parking area at the intersection of Giles and Water St, making this location easily accessible to hikers. The preserve remains popular with local residents, who may not know the history of the spot in Tompkins County but continue to enjoy the well maintained walking trails along the creek.

  1. Dorothy Harris, History of Ithaca's Water Systems, City of Ithaca D.P.W., 1952