The headwaters of Six Mile Creek.
Wells' Lumber Camp, in the Old 600.
A view of the east lawn of the Fountain House.
A view of the Fountain House, situated on Six Mile Creek in Slaterville Springs.
The Slaterville House in Slaterville Springs.
St. Thomas Church.
The Caroline Town Hall.
The Annis Mill in Brooktondale.
Vorhis' Falls, at the dam that powered the Old Mill. The dam was swept away during Hurricane Agnes in 1972.
The Old Mill in Brooktondale, below Vorhis' Falls.
Brookton's Market.
View from the north end of the Lehigh Valley trestle that crossed Six Mile Creek in Brooktondale. The view shows a train headed south..
Brooktondale Road, showing the trestle overhead.
The Brookton Station of the Lehigh Valley Railroad. This was located at the south end of the trestle.
The 60 Ft. Dam.
Potters Falls.
The 30 Ft. Dam.
The pipe that brought water from the 30 Ft. Dam.
Van Nattas Dam.
Wells Falls.
The Sprague House.


A virtual flight over Six Mile Creek from its beginning in Dryden to its end in Cayuga Lake.
Survey map from 1790 compared to modern map.
Brooktondale topographic maps from 1900 to the present.
Lands open to the public near the headwaters of Six Mile Creek.
A comparison of topo maps from 1900 and 2017, showing the creation of Ithaca's reservoirs.
Zielie's Location in the heart of the City of Ithaca.


Glass ambered by the magnetic mineral springs of Slaterville.